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      Valkyrie’s father had always been demanding but when the Chaos hits, his need for control tips over the edge. Are his insane demands really driven by his daughter’s good fortune in finding her fated mates or is there a darker reason he’s determined to keep her under his thumb?

     Once Nova discovers the depths Valkyrie’s father will go to keep his place as alpha in the pack, Nova cannot risk his mates’ safety by making his intentions known or the crazy alpha will raise everything to the ground.

     But when Valkyrie ignores his advice and mates Nova’s other mates, Oren and the newly-turned Oliver, she enrages her father and the clock starts ticking. Can Nova expose her father’s nefarious actions without risking his mates? Or will the call of the Chaos bring doom to them all?


Onyx Awakened is a MMMF #whychoose stand-alone novel, part of the Wolves of Chaos Valley series.
There is adult content in this book and it is not meant for readers under the age of 18.
This books ends with a HEA.


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